Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Wait...

The moment has finally arrived;
I wheezed breaking the smile
And looked around in a jiffy.

The wait is making me impetuous;
My lashes now, know not how to blink
How did I wait for thee a thousand days?

Twin flames we are, unwavering is that
Our souls met clandestinely every full moon night,
Whispering vows of ethereal togetherness.

My soul have had enough of thee,
Now my senses suspire for my soul mate
The yearning refuse to alleviate.

Impatience laced with frequent gasp;
My eyes searched thy silhouette
In the jam-packed railway station.

Abruptly the beating of my heart paused;
As a gust of warm breath kissed my nape
Melody of thy voice caressed my ear.

P.S. This poem has been published in the June Issue of Writer's Ezine, a literary online magazine.

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