Thursday 17 July 2014

The Soul Tale

The moment I chanced upon you,
I cognized my quest has ended;
The surreal imageries occupying my psyche,
Are no longer an illusory mirage.

The fervency of your silent gaze,
Pierced through my heart;
The ethereal words you whispered,
Put my soul on a graceful motion.

Perceiving myself through your eyes,
I could unveil my camouflaged facets;
Like a mirror you stood,
Honoring my reflection and rumination.

Hand in hand, we meandered around
Like two birds with one wing each;
The journey we embarked on,
Seem to be a beautiful Arcadia.

You are my spiritual counterpart,
We are two peas in a pod;
Our love, eternal and imperishable
And the soul tale goes on and on.


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