Sunday, 6 July 2014

Story of my Life~ Prologue

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Prompt: Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?

She ogled at her reflection in the mirror. She was unknown to the person she saw. The twinkle in this girl's eyes, the confidence that exuded from her face and the tranquility that lingered on her face was a charming sight. She heaved a sigh of complacency. It felt as if she has been liberated from a huge baggage that was piercing her all these months and years of her existence.
No, not really. Not right from her existence. She can remember how jovial and full of life she was during her childhood. She can still recall the way she danced to the songs of Madhuri Dixit when she was five wearing that colorful frock that her mother got for her. Everyone loved her when she was a kid as she was so affable. Her friends, teachers and relatives used to shower her will unadulterated love and praises. She was the star of her family and school. Every single person she met used to mollycoddle her.
And then a debacle totally turned her life upside down.
In her early teenage days, she was a socially awkward person with almost no friends. Her exuberance got concealed in her struggle for adaptation. She took refuge in studies and contemplation. Her nights were spend with crying and shouting. Her days in school were as silent as ever. She hardly mouthed more than a dozen words.
And today it seems that her exuberance which got concealed for as long as seven years have got uncovered. She smiled as she thought about the circumstances and people who made it possible for her, to get rid of that somber veil. 
Finally she could find her real self, the person she was during her childhood days. She laughed buoyantly as she was falling madly in love...with life, with the world and with herself. this will be the prologue of a novel which will narrate my story. How do you all find it?

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  1. Thanks a ton Vishal.
    We should always celebrate life, no matter what :)


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