Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let the angel win!!

If there is day, there has to be night.
Similarly, if there is positive energy, there has to be negative energy too.
We human beings are surrounded by both positive and negative energies which always try to out power each other. Many times in life, we are tempted to commit a wrong deed or something sinister. This generally happens when we are under the influence of any predicaments or negative people who hurts us or misleads us. Intellect gets clouded with feelings of revenge and within the blink of our eye, we commit something devastating. The negative energy totally out powers the positive energy, unleashing the demon inside us.
An intelligent person who is patient and who has faith in the Divine will always thrive to fight with his demons under certain circumstances. If someone hurts you, why will you harbor feelings of revenge against him? Often, in the zest of taking revenge, a person commits a bigger mistake than the person who has hurt him. It leads to peace less days devoid of harmony. Similarly under the influence of predicaments, our intellect gets assassinated by choosing a path which paves darkness for us but seem like the one which will save us immediately. We should always try to let the angel take the control of our actions. We should not let the demon win over the angel.
We are governed by both the angel and the demon. Accumulation of positive energies unleash the angel within us, making our deeds and actions angelic and the consequences of which give us peace. Accumulation of negative energies awaken the demon inside us making our deeds heinous and our life miserable.
It is not a surprise that the same person who is capable of doing the noblest deed can also commit the most heinous crime.
It all depends on us whom we allow to govern us...the angel or the demon.
No person is born bad and atrocious.
And any barbaric person can turn into a noble person if he wants to.

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