Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A super girl with a mettlesome heart!

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When I was in class eight, I met a girl in front of the headmaster's office. We both were absent on an eventful day in school which demanded compulsory attendance. Since our headmaster was an extremely belligerent fellow, I was almost shivering when I was summoned to meet the headmaster. On the contrary, this girl was laughing like a lunatic beside me, nonchalant about the angry fellow who was going shower her with some magnificent chiding. Instead she patted me and said, "Purba, why are you so scared? You have not done anything wrong. So just be at ease. Trust me, nothing will happen. Let him speak to himself. Just ignore." Full of life, audacious and spunky, that girl is my best friend Priyam Kapoor to whom I am dedicating this post.

I could always associate Priyam with one adjective ever since I met her: DARING.
She is one of the most daring girl I have ever met who has that invincible courage to stand by her thoughts, judgement and opinions. She never bothers about other's people's judgement and perceptions. I can recollect a bunch of incidents about her bravery but here is one such incident I am sharing.

It was the time when we both were in the 1st year of college. Love came calling to Priyam's door and she gladly accepted it with a warm smile and a loving heart. Her prince charming showered her will all the love, pampering and care. She was floored with all the attention and love that a girl craves for. Life seemed to be a bed of roses for Priyam because her love for that guy made her anesthetic towards the pricking of thorns. Perhaps, the magic of first love is such which makes us glorify the good things and ignore the bad side effects that lingers aside. It was too late when she realized that she was completely cut off from her friends' company and contacts especially her guy friends. Even I could meet Priyam only once in six months when she was going through that phase. My free-spirited spunky friend was badly trapped in the lanes of savage possessiveness, lanes which looked like innocent love in the initial days. The possessiveness of that guy was metamorphosing into obsession with every passing day. If he happened to come across one message from any guy friend of hers, he would pick up abusive fights. His abuse was not always verbal but physical too. Following my friend in every nook and corner of the city just to spy if she is in work or dating another guy became a routine for him. When my friend decided to call off the relation which was completely stale by then, his demeanor became even more barbaric. He used some dangerous blackmailing techniques on her and also tried to make her family against her. He wore the mask of a very-good-and-sober-guy in front of her family and friends so that people misunderstand my friend when she talks about calling off the relation. And believe me, he was quite successful in doing so. I literally lectured my friend to not to break the relation without understanding her ordeal. The situation was quite the same with her family too. And then one day, without caring a damn about her image in front of her family and friends and without thinking twice about the blackmailing, she kicked that beast out of her life. Yes, literally kicked. It took every ounce of courage for Priyam to do such a thing because that person was quite treacherous, dangerous and nasty.
Even today, that shameless person tries to communicate with my friend's sister-in-law about my friend's whereabouts. Did I forget to mention that he has send me requests at least two dozen times in BBM, Gtalk and other sites? But my friend does not care a damn about him and his motives. She is like, "Let him do what he can. Why will I live in fear?"

Recently, when I got trapped in a dangerous maze with a guy in social media, it was my friend, Priyam who lightened the serious ambiance with her charming laugh. When I was brooding a little over the matter, she told me, "Let's laugh on this matter Purba. Is it not extremely funny? Trust me, he can't do you any harm. It's only show off." This girl can see the silver lining in every dark cloud and her laughter is magnetic. She is a daredevil, mettlesome person and dangerously gutsy. If I am ever in a problem, I just need to call her once. Her laughter and her words will infect me within seconds to be a free spirited soul like her. She is a real MARDAANI, my super woman! It is time to take a stand, raise a voice and swim against the tide. It is time to make this cause personal.


  1. thats a true friend :) jewel ;)

  2. Thanks Sachin. I am sure you too have some true awesome friends. Let us always value them.

  3. i have known her since school days too ad after many years we could catch up again thnks to whatsapp and since then heard about everything and even said her the same things about her guts she is very sweet but down right gutsy too may be not for a long time but i also said her to come out of her shell and be strong and m glad she is a tuff person now :)


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