Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let the angel win!!

If there is day, there has to be night.
Similarly, if there is positive energy, there has to be negative energy too.
We human beings are surrounded by both positive and negative energies which always try to out power each other. Many times in life, we are tempted to commit a wrong deed or something sinister. This generally happens when we are under the influence of any predicaments or negative people who hurts us or misleads us. Intellect gets clouded with feelings of revenge and within the blink of our eye, we commit something devastating. The negative energy totally out powers the positive energy, unleashing the demon inside us.
An intelligent person who is patient and who has faith in the Divine will always thrive to fight with his demons under certain circumstances. If someone hurts you, why will you harbor feelings of revenge against him? Often, in the zest of taking revenge, a person commits a bigger mistake than the person who has hurt him. It leads to peace less days devoid of harmony. Similarly under the influence of predicaments, our intellect gets assassinated by choosing a path which paves darkness for us but seem like the one which will save us immediately. We should always try to let the angel take the control of our actions. We should not let the demon win over the angel.
We are governed by both the angel and the demon. Accumulation of positive energies unleash the angel within us, making our deeds and actions angelic and the consequences of which give us peace. Accumulation of negative energies awaken the demon inside us making our deeds heinous and our life miserable.
It is not a surprise that the same person who is capable of doing the noblest deed can also commit the most heinous crime.
It all depends on us whom we allow to govern us...the angel or the demon.
No person is born bad and atrocious.
And any barbaric person can turn into a noble person if he wants to.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Soul Tale

The moment I chanced upon you,
I cognized my quest has ended;
The surreal imageries occupying my psyche,
Are no longer an illusory mirage.

The fervency of your silent gaze,
Pierced through my heart;
The ethereal words you whispered,
Put my soul on a graceful motion.

Perceiving myself through your eyes,
I could unveil my camouflaged facets;
Like a mirror you stood,
Honoring my reflection and rumination.

Hand in hand, we meandered around
Like two birds with one wing each;
The journey we embarked on,
Seem to be a beautiful Arcadia.

You are my spiritual counterpart,
We are two peas in a pod;
Our love, eternal and imperishable
And the soul tale goes on and on.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

You are a soul with a body!

Is religion over-rated? what is your take?

Yes, religion is definitely over rated for no good. 

What are religions actually made for? I guess they are there to encourage us to be believers of some deities, indulge in religious activities and read religious scriptures to be a good human being. But there is no proper logic behind so many religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jewism etc. The Gita and the Bible preach exactly the same thing.

Religions have divided the entire human race in an ugly way...haven't they? We have learn to differentiate between a Muslim and a Hindu based on the person's religion and religious practices. Does following a particular religion and abhorring other religions take you closer to God?

God is one. Then, when God is one, why is He divided into so many religions?

Instead of being a believer of that omnipotent Supreme, why do we develop a certain annoyance towards other religions? God had taken the human form to appear on Earth several times to preach us about humanity and spirituality. Be it Lord Krishna or Jesus, they both appeared on the face of Earth to enlighten mere human beings. 

According to me, being extremely religious does one no supreme good. If you want to connect yourself with God, find Him in yourself. Your soul is a part of the Supreme, which is dwelling inside your body. After your body will perish, your immortal soul will mingle with the universe, to enter another body as directed by the Almighty. Remind yourself everyday that you don't have a soul; you are a soul which has a visible part called the body.

Instead of being religious, better be spiritual. Connect with your soul by means of meditation and yoga. As you will connect with your soul, you can feel the magical connection between you and the Supreme. That connection will fill you up with abundance of compassion and happiness. Humanity, compassion, forgiveness, calmness and love are the limbs of spirituality. 

Spirituality binds all the religions and channel them towards the omnipotent Creator. You can find God in his every Creation. From the blade of the green grass to the black clouds in the sky, the Supreme manifests Himself in every form of his creation. 

Don't despise any religion. Don't have over-pride in your own religion. Let the religion dangle aside for a keep sake.
Focus on being a spiritual person who can feel the Almighty guiding him always and can see Him in every object of Nature. 

God bless!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Yes! It's me murmuring
Amidst those several arduous lesions
And harsh murderous scars;
That I am tormented with
Which you have so lovingly gifted me.

Can't you see?
I never abandon my job
I do it dutifully and religiously
So that you can stay unharmed;
Yet, you're so careless and ludicrous
To prick me again and again.

Can you ever comprehend?
The people whom you introduce to me
They hardly think about us.
They are players and phoney
Who grabs advantage of your somber mind
Yet, the one who gets wounded is me.

Can't you change?
For my sake, and for your sake too
After all, I am a part of you.
Kindly be mellowed instead of being whimsical
Think once before introducing someone to me,
Oh! I'm weary of getting bruised.

Yours faithfully.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Wait...

The moment has finally arrived;
I wheezed breaking the smile
And looked around in a jiffy.

The wait is making me impetuous;
My lashes now, know not how to blink
How did I wait for thee a thousand days?

Twin flames we are, unwavering is that
Our souls met clandestinely every full moon night,
Whispering vows of ethereal togetherness.

My soul have had enough of thee,
Now my senses suspire for my soul mate
The yearning refuse to alleviate.

Impatience laced with frequent gasp;
My eyes searched thy silhouette
In the jam-packed railway station.

Abruptly the beating of my heart paused;
As a gust of warm breath kissed my nape
Melody of thy voice caressed my ear.

P.S. This poem has been published in the June Issue of Writer's Ezine, a literary online magazine.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Story of my Life~ Prologue

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Prompt: Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?

She ogled at her reflection in the mirror. She was unknown to the person she saw. The twinkle in this girl's eyes, the confidence that exuded from her face and the tranquility that lingered on her face was a charming sight. She heaved a sigh of complacency. It felt as if she has been liberated from a huge baggage that was piercing her all these months and years of her existence.
No, not really. Not right from her existence. She can remember how jovial and full of life she was during her childhood. She can still recall the way she danced to the songs of Madhuri Dixit when she was five wearing that colorful frock that her mother got for her. Everyone loved her when she was a kid as she was so affable. Her friends, teachers and relatives used to shower her will unadulterated love and praises. She was the star of her family and school. Every single person she met used to mollycoddle her.
And then a debacle totally turned her life upside down.
In her early teenage days, she was a socially awkward person with almost no friends. Her exuberance got concealed in her struggle for adaptation. She took refuge in studies and contemplation. Her nights were spend with crying and shouting. Her days in school were as silent as ever. She hardly mouthed more than a dozen words.
And today it seems that her exuberance which got concealed for as long as seven years have got uncovered. She smiled as she thought about the circumstances and people who made it possible for her, to get rid of that somber veil. 
Finally she could find her real self, the person she was during her childhood days. She laughed buoyantly as she was falling madly in love...with life, with the world and with herself. this will be the prologue of a novel which will narrate my story. How do you all find it?

Friday, 4 July 2014

Books~Nourishment to my soul


Reading books has reduced dramatically in today's youth. Kids who read books are treated as socially incapable nerds. What is your take on this topic?

Yes, I definitely agree that today's youth seldom reads. They think watching a three hours movie is way much better than spending an entire day with a novel. Then, there are the variety of gadgets and smart phones to spend time with. These gadgets have a wide range of games which can kill an entire day without notice. Then, how can we forget about social networking and instant messaging applications? Amidst such tantalizing distractions, when will a youngster even think of picking a book? And even if he does, he will be taunted by most of his friends no doubt. 

The habit of reading also depends on a person's upbringing. Some parents compel their children to read right from their childhood. As far as I can recollect, my mother used to read to me various fairy tales every evening and my father used to narrate me a story every night when I was below ten years. As I grew up, I naturally had an inclination towards stories and books. I felt reading to be an adventurous trip as my soul could visit unknown places through the pages of the book. But there are many families who never encourage their children to read anything apart from their academic books. Those children, when they grow up feels alienated in a book fair or a book shop. I actually feel pity for them as they have never tasted that oh-so-good-feeling which I get after diving into a beautiful book.

Playing games on smart phones, chatting with random strangers and browsing through the news feed of Facebook 20 times a day is definitely a good time pass. But the time is spend so uselessly. Spending extreme amount of time in social media can make you harbor feelings of envy and self-doubt when you will see other's life to be better than yours. Playing games for a long time will surely stress your eye and cause pain to your fingers. Now if you spend at least half the amount of your free time in reading a good book, you can let yourself transcend to a different land with some interesting characters. You will not brood over the problems of your life when you will read a book as your mind will stick to the fictitious land you have entered.You can travel the world and meet so many people without actually travelling and meeting anyone. Reading will also boost your brain power and will impregnate you with nuggets of wisdom. Reading definitely shapes a person to be a better human being and books make the world a better place.

If I talk about myself, I can't imagine a world without books. I am sure I won't survive for more than a month if I am allowed to dwell in a land without books. Books nourish my soul and keeps me sane. They never let me feel lonely ever and makes every day of my life interesting. No matter how mundane my day is, fifty pages of an interesting book is enough to make my day thrilling or romantic or funny, depending on the genre of the book.I am a writer and books are the driving force to my writing. If writing is my soul's medicine, books are the nourishment to my soul.

This world will be a really beautiful place if every person takes up reading. However with the advent of eBooks, there can be a change in this trend soon. As every single person has a tablet or a smart phone, if books can be easily downloaded, who knows one day most people will read in their tab while listening to their favorite music.

Hope that day arrives soon!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ZEN Fairy~~ How I wish this was true!

Isn't it not fascinating to get a phone which can transform you into a little fairy with a magic power? Conventional fairies have a magic wand but in 2014, won't it be super thrilling if the magic wand is replaced by a magic phone?
Yes definitely it will. I was inordinately thrilled when I found that my new ASUS Zenphone 5 has an incredible quality which can let me control the entire world.
It was evening and I called my cousin sister to tell her that I got a new phone. She congratulated me and asked me to send her some pictures of my new phone. My excitement multiplied manifold after talking to my cousin. Now as I kept my phone beside me after talking to her, I heard a message beep. I held my phone in my hand and was startled to see the message on my screen. It read:

"The person you called just now was extremely angry and jealous on you. She is thinking to buy a better phone than you and is quite upset on you. She has no intention to talk to you for a considerate amount of time."

VOILA! I was speechless after reading this message. It was an auto generated message of the phone. I tried to decipher the words that I read in this message for a minute or two. I thought something and whimsically, I dialed Dad's number and talked to him for some minutes telling him about my new phone and other general stuffs. After disconnecting the phone, I stared at the screen of my phone waiting breathlessly for the inevitable. When sixty seconds passed, I thought my impatience to be idiocy. I took a sigh of relief when my phone beeped. I took it in my trembling hands and clicked on another auto-generated message which flashed on the screen.

"The person you called just now was extremely happy and contented to hear about you. He is planning a dinner for you in some affluent restaurant."

So the mist was cleared in front of my eyes. I thought for a moment and screamed in exhilaration. OMG. My phone can read minds of people and report their thoughts to me. All I need to do is to call them up and after they have talked to me, I can get a transparent insight of their minds. Is it not super cool?

This phone can help me to point out my hidden foes and can also save me from their dangerous intentions and motives. I made a call to at least fifty friends of mine that day, many of whom were just my acquaintance as I wanted to read everyone's mind. It became a hobby to read every person's mind. Through this phone, I also got to learn about my secret admirers and my blushing knew no limits thereafter. I am thinking to secretly rename myself as the ZEN Fairy and solve other people's problems under a secret agency. I can easily help others find out who their secret enemy is or what their partner is thinking about with my Zenphone 5.
Now only if I could get the phone numbers of the politicians of the country and see what plans they are hatching inside their head!

I am writing this post as part of contest organised by Indiblogger and  ASUS .
Contest Topic is:Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can't see and do what others cant't do!

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A super girl with a mettlesome heart!

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers

When I was in class eight, I met a girl in front of the headmaster's office. We both were absent on an eventful day in school which demanded compulsory attendance. Since our headmaster was an extremely belligerent fellow, I was almost shivering when I was summoned to meet the headmaster. On the contrary, this girl was laughing like a lunatic beside me, nonchalant about the angry fellow who was going shower her with some magnificent chiding. Instead she patted me and said, "Purba, why are you so scared? You have not done anything wrong. So just be at ease. Trust me, nothing will happen. Let him speak to himself. Just ignore." Full of life, audacious and spunky, that girl is my best friend Priyam Kapoor to whom I am dedicating this post.

I could always associate Priyam with one adjective ever since I met her: DARING.
She is one of the most daring girl I have ever met who has that invincible courage to stand by her thoughts, judgement and opinions. She never bothers about other's people's judgement and perceptions. I can recollect a bunch of incidents about her bravery but here is one such incident I am sharing.

It was the time when we both were in the 1st year of college. Love came calling to Priyam's door and she gladly accepted it with a warm smile and a loving heart. Her prince charming showered her will all the love, pampering and care. She was floored with all the attention and love that a girl craves for. Life seemed to be a bed of roses for Priyam because her love for that guy made her anesthetic towards the pricking of thorns. Perhaps, the magic of first love is such which makes us glorify the good things and ignore the bad side effects that lingers aside. It was too late when she realized that she was completely cut off from her friends' company and contacts especially her guy friends. Even I could meet Priyam only once in six months when she was going through that phase. My free-spirited spunky friend was badly trapped in the lanes of savage possessiveness, lanes which looked like innocent love in the initial days. The possessiveness of that guy was metamorphosing into obsession with every passing day. If he happened to come across one message from any guy friend of hers, he would pick up abusive fights. His abuse was not always verbal but physical too. Following my friend in every nook and corner of the city just to spy if she is in work or dating another guy became a routine for him. When my friend decided to call off the relation which was completely stale by then, his demeanor became even more barbaric. He used some dangerous blackmailing techniques on her and also tried to make her family against her. He wore the mask of a very-good-and-sober-guy in front of her family and friends so that people misunderstand my friend when she talks about calling off the relation. And believe me, he was quite successful in doing so. I literally lectured my friend to not to break the relation without understanding her ordeal. The situation was quite the same with her family too. And then one day, without caring a damn about her image in front of her family and friends and without thinking twice about the blackmailing, she kicked that beast out of her life. Yes, literally kicked. It took every ounce of courage for Priyam to do such a thing because that person was quite treacherous, dangerous and nasty.
Even today, that shameless person tries to communicate with my friend's sister-in-law about my friend's whereabouts. Did I forget to mention that he has send me requests at least two dozen times in BBM, Gtalk and other sites? But my friend does not care a damn about him and his motives. She is like, "Let him do what he can. Why will I live in fear?"

Recently, when I got trapped in a dangerous maze with a guy in social media, it was my friend, Priyam who lightened the serious ambiance with her charming laugh. When I was brooding a little over the matter, she told me, "Let's laugh on this matter Purba. Is it not extremely funny? Trust me, he can't do you any harm. It's only show off." This girl can see the silver lining in every dark cloud and her laughter is magnetic. She is a daredevil, mettlesome person and dangerously gutsy. If I am ever in a problem, I just need to call her once. Her laughter and her words will infect me within seconds to be a free spirited soul like her. She is a real MARDAANI, my super woman! It is time to take a stand, raise a voice and swim against the tide. It is time to make this cause personal.