Friday, 27 June 2014

Don't worry, just breathe!

We humans, just worry too much. Don't we? We worry when our work is not recognized. We worry when our partner doesn't give us adequate attention. We worry when our friends are busy in their life, unable to talk to us everyday like school/college days. Being social freaks, we also worry when our updates in Facebook are not liked by many. Deplorable but true! Humans are the easiest prey to the predator called "ANXIETY".
Yesterday when I was strolling in my terrace, my eyes rested on a bird who was singing merrily in a carefree manner. The red roses also grabbed my attention that have adorned my little garden. I smiled and thought if only we humans can live in such a beautiful way. Like the bird and the rose, we are also a part of Nature born to celebrate life and make the universe beautiful by our presence. Everyone is transient in this universe; everyone of us have come here for a limited time. Then for the limited time that we are on this universe, why worry so much?
The thing with humans is that we think that we are superior. Yes, superior to other forms of life on this universe. We believe in our subconscious mind that we are immortal. We never contemplate on the fact that we are here for a limited amount of time and will perish once that time gets over. Then what is the use of all these petty worries with which we build a house of anxiety? 
Our presence in this universe is successful only when we manage to bring a positive difference to this universe, no matter how small it is. A rose charms everyone without ever thinking that it will perish the very next day. A bird sings to its merriment without worrying about food or weather. Humans should learn from other creations of this universe to make a difference to the world. Can't we also be like that rose to someone? Can't we be that carefree bird who sings without any greed of admiration?
Life is a gift of the Creator and by worrying about the future endlessly, we convert that divine gift into a burden. Most of the pain that we humans have to bear are really self-inflicted. The reason for it is wandering time and again in the dark lanes of anxiety.
Is it really needed?
Can't we just value every breath of ours?
Can't we celebrate life always?
After all, we all will perish one day. Let's make this universe beautiful by our presence now.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Dad~~~My Role Model


Every time
You turn your face away from me,
A thousand needles
Prick my heart without any mercy;
I shield my agony
With a smile of resilience
Conceal my eyes 
With dark colored glasses;
I let my pen
Scribble my scars on the paper,
My tears remain transient
My bruises turn immortal.

Every time
You insist to see my notebook,
A humble plea
Escape my lips;
I have secluded my scars
Amidst the riddles and metaphors,
My tears have desiccated
In the breast of those words;
I hesitate, you insist
The paper gets mangled,
I laugh as you glare
My scars celebrate my triumph.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Role Model

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of theactivity by Gillette India in association with

A role model is someone who inspires you to walk in the right path of life to attain success.He is the person who enriches you with valuable lessons of life and fills you up with an invincible zest to be an achiever. He is the person who guides you through out the ups and downs of your life, wipes your tears when you are exhausted and helps you inculcate more courage with every failure.
My role model is undoubtedly my father for several reasons. I was twelve when my mother passed away. The day she passed away, I saw Dad crying like a broken sky. His tears knew no end and that was the first and the last time when I saw him so vulnerable. We shifted to a different place after that and my father donned the role of both the parents in my life with deftness. On one hand he had his hectic work schedule of being a business contractor and on the other hand he used to take care of me like Mom. From packing my tiffin to dropping me in school and bringing me back, he did everything which Mom used to do earlier. He cooked delicious dishes for me, talked to me like a friend and did everything to ebb down Mom’s absence.
I was eighteen years old when I was unsure about the direction of my life. Dad narrated me his struggle and told me to chase my dreams, believe my instincts and never give up. I learnt from him several virtues like resilience, patience and perseverance. When Mom passed away, it was Dad’s patience with which he brought me up so well. It was really difficult for him to be both Mom and Dad to a teenager child. I was moody and suffered from psychological problems but Dad never chided me. He handled me with utmost patience, concealing the pain of his wife’s demise. There was no one who pacified Dad at that moment but he never let his anguish affect me. He couldn't sleep well for four years after Mom's death but he made sure that I had a hearty sleep every single night.
I also learned how to love unconditionally from Dad. My Dad loved Mom very much and in fact he loves Mom with the same intensity even today. Not only did he took care of me after Mom’s death, he also took care of my maternal grandmother who was a patient of breast cancer then. He helped her recover from that malevolent illness and now granny, Dad and I stay together as a sweet happy family. Today when I am matured enough to empathize with Dad by being Dad’s best friend, I thank God for giving me such a wonderful father in this life. We keep talking about Mom, how Mom would have reacted in this place if she was there, what Mom used to believe, what Mom wanted and so on. I can see the twinkle on his eyes every time we talk about Mom. Dad has kept Mom alive in his heart forever. 
My Dad is the best human being I have ever come across. Whatever I am today, I am because of his values and upbringing. For being the world’s best father, for loving my Mom unconditionally and for inculcating several principles and values in me, my Dad is my hero. I really wish I can be more patient, calm and tolerant towards everything in the days to come. I really aspire to be a self-made successful person with wisdom and virtues as my limbs, just like my Dad.