Tuesday 6 May 2014

What makes us like a person?

You meet an absolute stranger, interact with him/her and then come to a perception. Either you like that person or dislike him. 
I have been thinking of late what makes us like or dislike a person based on only a few interactions.
Looks, personality, talking style may catch our fancy soon but in the long run, these attributes will fade. You can't like a person throughout based on his/her looks or personality. In the similar fashion, you can't dislike a person forever owing to his/her shabby looks and lame personality.
There is something deep in human psychology to like or dislike a person you meet.
We tend to develop a liking for every such person who makes us feel good about our own self. In the presence of that person, you feel happy and proud about yourself. That person's words may encourage you or inspire you in ways unknown. You feel secured and you value yourself better. Every person who can manage to make us feel good about ourselves by even a simple tweet, message or post, we like that person.
On the contrary, we also have several people around us who makes us feel bad about ourselves. Being with them or seeing their updates, you wallow in self-pity, doubt and uneasiness. That person's words for you may feel sarcastic or their attitude may be indifferent towards your joy or achievements. They may try to pull you down often by providing you with criticism. Every person who makes us feel bad about ourselves earns a certain amount of disliking instantly.

The same goes for us too. If you notice there is someone who dislikes you, the reason may be any of the above. So, let us resolve to try our best to make everyone feel good about themselves to earn their liking for us. 



  1. I don't know You personally !!!

    But I Love You !!!

    It feels like You have A Beautiful Soul !!!

    Best Nazim.

  2. Thanks a lot Nazim. God bless you :)


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