Friday, 2 May 2014

What is true success?

When can you consider yourself a truly successful person? It is not when you have acquired ample amount of money or have excelled in a particular field. Wealth and fame are slaves of desire. Once you become rich, you will strive to become richer and after becoming richer, your aim will be to be the richest. Similarly, the more fame you get, the more you will crave for. Fulfilling all these desires is like a never ending journey. This is because when one desire is fulfilled, another creeps in. Thus, the manifestation of true success cannot lie in money or fame.

True success is when you have attained the state of peace and happiness within. The richest person or the most famous person can commit a suicide but a happy person, even if he is devoid of luxuries and popularity won't think of such an act. Thus, the manifestation of true and real success lies in happiness and peace because unless your are happy, you can't enjoy your riches or fame wholeheartedly.

Here are the ingredients which we need to inculcate in order to attain the state of peace and happiness within.

  1. Be compassionate.
  2. Embrace creativity and surround yourself with more creative people.
  3. Dream the impossible.
  4. Be sincere in your efforts
  5. Have such a deadly sense of humour that you will end up laughing at your own jokes.
  6. Forgive others, for your own peace.
  7. Be detached.
  8. Share and care.
  9. Make meditation a part of your life, even for five minutes a day.
  10. Take responsibility.
  11. Follow the truth.
  12. Always have that zest and zeal to learn new things.
  13. Never stop hoping.
  14. Make others smile. It will brighten yours :)

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