Thursday, 1 May 2014

The feeling associated with writing a short story

Time flies so fast. 2014 is going so busy for me that the first four months of the year just passed away in the blink of my eye. Today the fifth month of this year commenced and luckily, it started on a sweet note for me. The cover page of the most awaited anthology "Fusion-a mingled flavour mocktail"  released today which contains my story "Twilight". Twilight is the story of two middle-aged individuals separated by fate during their youth. They meet each other after a span of over two decades in a bus journey when the old flame of their love kindles again. 
This is the second anthology in this year,of which my story is a part of. The first anthology of which I am a part of is "Stories for your valentine" which was published on the Valentine's day of this year. My story "The gift of spring" talked about a bohemian painter who taught a divorced woman to love herself first in order to love others. You can download this beautiful anthology for free at
Writing short stories gives me the feeling of meeting the one I love for a limited amount of time. It is like enjoying the rain in summer when I transcend into a state of euphoria not realizing that the summer heat will take over the rain.There is an uncanny mixture of happiness and despair associated with each short story I write; the happiness of knowing and shaping lives of some characters and the despair of leaving them so soon.
I hope I get many such chances to enjoy this strange yet beautiful feeling.

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