Friday 23 May 2014

Never let faith seclude your heart!

Whenever we face an adversity or a danger, we become hysterical and panic in trepidation. Our faith starts alleviating abruptly. We often forget that faith is our most precious armour, without which we are weak and debilitated.
I heard a story recently about faith which touched my heart. I thought to share with you all:

A man and his wife were crossing a river in a boat. Suddenly a fierce storm appeared out of nowhere. The waves of the river became gigantic and the boat started twirling dangerously. The wife started crying as the boat tossed and the waves hit her recklessly. She looked at her husband to find him in an absolute calm demeanour rowing the boat. After about thirty minutes, the intensity of the storm depreciated. 
The wife gave out a sigh of relief and asked her husband, "Are you a lunatic? We could have died any moment. How were you so calm?"
The husband took out his knife and pointed it towards his wife. He said, "Don't speak a word, else I will kill you."
The wife laughed in beguilement. She said, " Stop joking!"
The husband interrogated, "What makes you think that I am joking? What if I kill you?"
The wife spoke softly," Impossible! You can never kill me. I have that faith in you."
The husband smiled and replied, " The same way you have faith in me, I too have invincible faith in my Almighty. I knew that He will not kill us but rather He would pull us out of this danger. So, I was calm just like you, when I showed you the knife."
The wife understood and smiled in agreement.

It is easy to have faith in good times but having faith during an adversity is what redefines the intensity of your faith. The person who has faith is the most powerful of all. Also do remember that having faith in God is also about having faith in his timings. Never let faith seclude your heart. It is your strongest asset.


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