Friday, 30 May 2014

Broken Nest...a novella that pierced through my heart!

There are certain books which take us to a different world through a few pages. We are transcended to a place where we can see the incidents in the books happening in front of us. The words used in such books pierce us and enter deep down to our soul.
 I completed reading the acclaimed novella, "Broken Nest" by Rabindranath Tagore this morning and I am tongue tied. A tornado of emotions seem to have enveloped me tight. The tender and delicate manner in which Tagore had painted the innermost feelings of a woman in this novella is break taking. The novel begins with Charu abandoned by her busy husband, Bhupati. Bhupati's cousin, Amal teaches her in his leisure and both of them share a great camaraderie. Their friendship intensifies when Charu discovers that Amal has a flair for writing. With Charu's encouragement, Amal becomes a famous writer and Amal's writings in turn inspire Charu to pen down her thoughts. Both of them enjoys literature. The difference is that Amal wants to write for the entire world and Charu wants to write for only Amal. The beautiful bond breaks when Amal moves to England after his marriage, leaving Charu secluded. The sensitive side of a woman is beautifully portrayed in the novella. The longing and the depth of a woman's love is painted magically with the hue of Tagore's words. The philosophical metaphors used in suitable places are extremely thought-provoking. The sudden change in Amal's behaviour, the monologues of Charu and the feelings of Bhupati when he discovers that his wife desires another man is flawlessly written. 
The helplessness of Charu almost moved me to tears. "Amal is in good health, yet he does not write. Charu wants to ask Amal this question and receive and answer, face to face, but there is an ocean in between-and no way to cross it. Cruel separation, helpless separation, beyond all questions, beyond all redress, separation." The agony which a person feels when she is abandoned suddenly without any explanation is marvellously expressed in the novella. I could feel every word and every sentence used in this book from the kernel of my heart.
Those who haven't read this novella has surely missed out a precious gem in the mine of literature. I feel blessed to have read this book.

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