Wednesday 30 April 2014

Never let boredom master you!!!

How often do you feel bored?
And when you feel so, what do you do generally? Rant and crib repeatedly "I am so bored!! My life is boring."
Well, the truth is that we all get bored sometime or the other. The boredom swoops in when we lead a monotonous life and are enslaved by the same pattern of days. 
We crave for change and if we don't get it, we rant and wallow in self-pity.
The best way to eradicate boredom in our life is to try different things in life and to never stop learning. The urge and zest for learning and trying different things, no matter how small and insignificant it is will always fill the cup of our life with thrill and magic once again.
My exams are in the fore and I have been studying since the last week. My heart and soul is craving to work on my next novel or write a poem instead of mugging up theories of corporate legal environment. I felt saddened by the mundane pattern of my ongoing days when something caught my eye in the Calcutta Times. It was an article about some cool hairdos to flaunt this summer. The impulsive and whimsical side of mine woke up immediately and craved to try one of these hairdo.
The fishtail braid which is sported nowadays by all the fashionistas of the world, caught my interest. I watched a hair tutorial video in youtube and after trying for about an hour or two, I could finally get that look. Though it was quite messy unlike the one in the picture below, I was overwhelmed that I learnt a new thing. I was a happy soul once again and the thought of my ongoing days being mundane subsided to a certain limit. 
There are so many different things to learn and do in this world, then why waste our time getting bored? Nah...we should never let boredom master us.

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