Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Difficult and Easy (Poetrython)

The word prompt in Twitter Poetrython was Difficult/Mushkil and Easy/Aasan in the last 2 weeks. In Twitter Poetrython, every Tuesday, the poets are given a word prompt and they need to instantly write poems using that word within 9-10 pm. 

I am sharing 2 micro poetries each on Difficult and Easy out of the many verses that I have written in the last 2 weeks.

Your Memories

The right answer

Winter thorns

You can also participate in the Twitter Poetrython every Tuesday from 9-10 pm by following the account @KaafiyaPoetry and with the hashtag #KaafiyaMilaao

Monday, 26 September 2016

The best destination for your Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp has made our lives fun. Isn’t it? We can easily connect with our friends and family, have long conversations in groups and chat to our heart’s content. Unlike the old SMS days, WhatsApp is fast and interesting. What makes it more fun is of course, updating the display picture and the option to update status that reflects our state of mind.

I love to update my WhatsApp status on a regular basis. Whether it is a friend’s birthday or I am travelling, I am always updating my WhatsApp status. Yes, there are some days when I can’t think of a perfect status that goes with my mood. Then, song lyrics or some familiar quotes come to my aid.

However, recently I came across a website called where you can find the finest and the largest collection of WhatsApp status on the internet. There are more than 60 WhatsApp Status categories such as Love, Motivational, Broken Heart, Spiritual, Inspirational, Friendship, Birthday, Emotional, Relationship, Funny, etc. 

There are hundreds of professional writers associated with this website who write unique, interesting and catchy statuses. You can find a status for every occasion and mood. They add new status daily, and therefore, you can find plenty of statuses to choose from.

So the next time, you cannot think of a perfect status that’ll match your mood, simply check the WhatsApp status collection at If you have just fallen in love, check out the Love WhatsApp Status collection and update a status that best suits your feelings. You can make your beloved feel special by your status. 

Now, if you are a writer, then has something more in store for you. As a writer, you must be having great one liner and thoughts in your mind. Instead of keeping them with you, share them with the world. You can register for an account on this website and can regularly contribute your unique statuses. There are plenty of categories for you to choose. You can write statuses on love, motivation, friendship etc.

For the first 200 status, pay Rs1/approved status and after 200 statuses, they pay Rs2/approved status. So just by writing unique and interesting statuses, you can earn some extra money. 

Whether you are in look out for a perfect WhatsApp status or have great statuses in your mind, check out right away. It is the best destination for your WhatsApp status. 

Change is the spice of life. Then, why keep the same, boring WhatsApp status for weeks and months? 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Glory of Autumn

I watch the trees shedding leaves
As I silently shed my old self;
Reinvention is a necessity
From time to time.
I let go of my old beliefs
That're inhibiting my growth;
The glory of autumn enthralls me
The absolute magnificence in pain
Inspired, I mirror the season
Unafraid to let go.

-Purba Chakraborty

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Like a broken guitar

Like a broken guitar,
I lie mangled and overrun
In the labyrinth of life
Amid the sea of people.

My melody has fallen between cracks
As I gave myself to people
Who couldn't hear my music
My chords are broken
And I lie numb and soundless
Amid the charring noise
Seeping life out of me.

Like a lost child in a fair
I run from people to people
Asking countless questions 
As the questions multiply manifold.

Defeated, I close my eyes
Listen to my heart beats in silence
My broken strings gently collide
I hear some music; faint and delicate
Perplexed, I take a deep look within
Where I find an ocean of melody left
Although I am apparently broken.

-Purba Chakraborty

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

No Honking : Let Art Show You The Way!

"Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change. It can not only move us, it makes us move." ~ Ossie Davis

Honking is one of the biggest causes of noise pollution. Once we hit the streets, all we can hear is the incessant honking of vehicles around us. It is not only annoying, but also very harmful for the health. The mind gets perturbed and anxiety increases. Moreover, it causes frequent headaches.

And it is not that the people horn only when it is needed. Honking has become a habit. Since I suffer from migraine, I remember having so many headaches when I am outside for a long time. The honking seems unbearable, especially during festivals such as Durga Puja.

Last weekend, I went with my friend to Acropolis Mall, Kolkata and I was pleasantly surprised to see that an exhibition on "No Honking" is taking place there.

All the paintings were done with the honest approach of making people realize how honking is affecting our lives badly. The paintings exuded honesty, intensity and brilliance. The message of each and every painting is profound, that can make a person think deeply.

Let's take a look at some of the paintings of the exhibition. 

This painting titled "Slavery" by artist Amaranth Sharma tries us to show us that our minds have become slaves of compulsive honking. We do not even realize when we honk. 

This painting "Sound of Life" by artist Nimisha Rao shows 2 comparatives: waves of horrible sound and tunes of music. The artist says that let music be our sound of life and not honking. 

The painting titled "Bau Honk Koro" by artist Prantik Chattopadhyay tells that gone are the days when we used to wake up with the chirping of birds. These days, we wake up with loud horns of school buses and vans. 

The painting "Talking to Buddha" by artist Rahul Mukherjee shows that there is so much honking these days that even Buddha would have needed ear plugs if he was here. 

This painting is known as "Ornamental Life" and is created by artist Sheetal Kaluskar. The artist says that it is not cool to flaunt who can honk more. There are far better things to flaunt.

This painting really moved me. The painting titled "Thinker" by artist Debasish Dutta questions "How will the thinker think if he is surrounded by continuous honking?"

This thought provoking painting titled "UnLove" by artist Thakere Naik says that human beings have fallen so much in love with horns that they have forgotten a beautiful world outside. This painting shows the strange love between humans and horns.

"Invite Positive" by artist Poorva Nimkar shows that in order to invite positive, we must say No to unnecessary Honking. 

"Pain" by artist Ananya Dalal shows the painful effects of honking. I could totally relate to the painting.

I am standing beside the painting called "Sound of Silence" by artist Debraj Goswami where the artist hopes for a day when we silence the sound of honking.

I had a great time watching the beautiful paintings and deciphering the message that the artists have tried to convey. However, I couldn't capture all of them due to the crowd. 

It was truly a great initiative to spread the message of "No Honking" through such brilliant paintings. 

Which painting did you like the most? Do you believe that spreading the message through art can bring some change?

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BEAUTIFUL : Blooms and Miracles

 Beautiful flowers gently caressing my soul
  Enchanting me with every passing minute;
    A sort of miracle occured as I gazed at them
    United with the Divine energy, I felt blessed
   The blooms vanquished every anxiety I had
Inspired me with their profound wisdom:
    Follow the pace and style of Mother Nature
      Unravel the varied mysteries of the Universe
      Let the divine beauty unfold in your life too.

-Purba Chakraborty

Linking my new Acrostic Poem with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Blooms (noun)

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Letters to the Ocean

The letters to the ocean
Never go unanswered;
The ocean whispers a lullaby
Caressing her scarred heart
Whenever her tears mingle with it. 

-Purba Chakraborty

Today, for some reason, I am feeling uninspired and stuck. The scariest place for a writer is to be in that black zone where she feels lost and uninspired. As I sit on my bed today, feeling the heaviness in my heart, I remember one morning that I have spent with the sea waves. 

It was in 2013. I was extremely hurt and clueless in my life as there were various things that were going wrong in my life. I walked on the beach hopelessly, letting the sea waves caress my feet. I kept looking at the distant horizon as if I was waiting for a miracle to happen. 

Tears escaped my eyes and merged with the sea. I was in that state for quite some time, after which I started feeling better. The sea absorbed my pain, like it was its own. The harmony of waves was balmy and soothing. There was some message in that rise and shine.

If only I could now spend some time sitting by the sea, being absolutely vulnerable. If only I could now write letters to the ocean...

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Your Blessings

The incandescent light within me
That fails to snuff out
My hopes and dreams
Even in the darkest of nights,
Assure me that you are there
In the form of your blessings.

The clues and premonitions
That help me solve the riddles of life,
Take me out of the tricky labyrinth
And enlighten me with a new dawn,
Assure me that you are there
Showing me the way.

The love and kindness in my heart
That prevails even after cruel betrayals
The scent of forgiveness 
Amid vengeance and bitterness
Assure me of your divine touch,
Purifying my heart from negativity.

I can find you in the first morning sun ray
Blessing me for the day
I can feel you in the first drop of rain
After a spell of scorching heat,
Soothing my pain like a night lullaby.
My soul is the abode of your blessings.

-Purba Chakraborty

When I think of blessings, I remember my mother who continues to bless me and show me the path, despite not being with me physically. Tomorrow is Janmashtami which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and I can always feel His blessings and teachings guiding me in life. I read the Bhagawad Gita, the holy book of Hindus whenever I feel lost. So, this poem on blessings is dedicated to my mother and God. 

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sandcastle Dreams

Do you remember the two kids
Building sandcastle dreams
With love and innocence so sublime?
Reality has left no room for dreams
The love extinguished in monotony.

Do you think it's too late?
Let us rewind and pause at the moment
We started taking each other for granted;
Holding hands gently, let's wipe the dust
That had slowly blurred our love,
Paint it again with unadulterated emotions
Who knows we might then
Rediscover the treasure of our sandcastle dreams!

-Purba Chakraborty

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Triumph #7WordStory

This is my 7 word story on Triumph.

August has always been a very special month for me because this is the month when my artistic journey began. This is the month when I became a published author exactly 4 years back in 2012. Now, after 4 years, 3 solo books and 8 anthologies, the month of August still makes me feel excited and emotional.

25th August, 2012...this date still brings a thousand feelings within me. It is the day when my first book Walking in the streets of love and destiny released. I was so excited, nervous, happy, thrilled and emotional. 

I experienced the same feelings again on 7th August, 2014 when my 2nd book The Hidden Letters was released. 

Today, I cannot imagine a life where I am not writing and creating something. Yes, I may exist, but I won't live. I am extremely dependent on my craft for a wholesome life.

I have realized over the years that there is not a single demon that I cannot defeat when I am writing. Some of the demons that I have to battle on a regular basis are the fear of losing my loved ones to misunderstanding and death, fear of betrayal and manipulation. I also have to regularly battle chaotic thoughts that confuse and overwhelm me. 

But the best thing is that when I am writing, I have a grip on all my thoughts. I am a calmer person. I have full control on my mind and as a result, I can perfectly defeat every demon when I write. 

It feels that I am in touch with the divine energy the most when I am writing and creating. This is my triumph and I am forever thankful to God.

What is your story of triumph? Is there any work, activity or a person that helps you to battle your demons? Please share in the comment. 

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